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  • Smart DCC is a licenced monopoly that is responsible for the delivery of the smart critical national infrastructure that all 1st generation and 2nd generation smart meters connect to and delivering the smart/faster switching programme for the UK. 

    As well, DCC is exploring future innovative opportunities to repurpose its network with specific interest in how its critical national infastructure can be repurposed and used for products, tools and devices outside of domestic smart metering. Smart DCC's five strategic priorities are:

    1. The smart meter roll-out  To support the successful smart meter roll-out across Great Britain by maintaining and improving DCC’s secure data network and our complementary services.

    2. System enhancement To ensure that the DCC network remains fit for purpose, and can respond to change and future demands, by adopting new technologies and seeking innovative ways of working with  service providers which will deliver ongoing improvements and value for money for customers.

    3. Mandated programmes  To successfully deliver the programmes over and above smart metering that are mandated by the Government or the regulator in a cost-efficient and transparent way to enable the transformation of the energy system for wider customer and social benefit.

    4. Network re-use  To identify and promote ways to re-use the DCC secure network with the objective of reducing charges for customers, enabling the delivery of social good and supporting the Net Zero carbon objective.

    5. Culture and capability To ensure that DCC remains fit for purpose and delivers value for money, with an agile and flexible workforce that can support the needs of  customers.

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