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  • STATS (UK) Ltd is a market leader in the supply of pressurised pipeline isolation, hot tapping and plugging services to the global energy industry.

    DNV type approved isolation tools provide leak-tight double block and bleed isolation that enables safe and efficient maintenance and repair of onshore, topsides and subsea pipeline infrastructure. The company's Process Plant Solutions offer hot-work barriers and localised hydrostatic test tools to verifying the integrity of welds or fittings, reducing system downtime, minimising environmental impact and increasing worksite safety. Mechanical pipe connectors replace the need for welding, significantly reducing expenditure and associated risks with hot-work.

    Services extend over the entire lifecycle of hydrocarbon assets from construction, maintenance, asset life extension, through to decommissioning and on to hydrogen transportation, carbon capture and storage. 

    STATS (UK) Ltd is committed to incorporating sustainability into core activities to assess and measure their social and environmental impact.  The company aims to drive higher levels of safety and support the industry as we transition to a low carbon future.

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Do you think there will be a gas network in 20 years time?